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Would you believe?

Strange but true…


Ø  Albert Einstein never learnt how to drive a car.


Ø  While President, Bill Clinton only ever sent two e-mails. One was to test the e-mail system, the other to John Glenn aboard the space shuttle.


Ø  The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad.


Ø  “Eminem”s real name is “Marshall Bruce Mathers III.”


Ø  David Palmer, one time keyboard player with band Jethro Tull, fulfilled a long-time wish and underwent a sex change to become Dee Palmer. He waited until his wife passed away before doing so.


Ø  Upwards of 100 people choke on ball point pens each year.


Ø  It takes one gallon of burnt diesel fuel to move the Queen Elizabeth II six inches.


Ø  The Wright Brother’s first plane flight was less than the wingspan of a Boeing 747.


Ø  More people are killed each year by donkeys than in air crashes.


Ø  The brain of an ostrich is smaller than its eye.


Ø  Women blink almost twice as much as men.



Would you believe?


                       Strange but true…



Ø  In New York, a man getting “Last Rites” tattooed on his arm passed out, and collapsed onto a counter; a glass shard cut his throat, and he died.


Ø  British Prime Minister Blair’s toenail clippings were kept in a jar by an alternative healer who swung a crystal pendulum over them to detect health problems.


Ø  Alexander Graham Bell invented the metal detector. When U.S. President James Garfield was shot in 1881, Bell was called upon by surgeons to use his then crude invention to locate the embedded bullet. Bell failed. Probing for the bullet with non-sterile instruments resulted in blood poisoning and the president died.


Ø  Married men change their underwear around twice as often as single men do. Almost 4 per cent of women say they never wear underwear.


Ø  The world’s youngest parents lived in China and were aged 8 and 9 when their child was born around 1910.


Ø  The youngest Roman Catholic pope was only 11 years old.


Ø  Japanese ingenuity has extended to producing square watermelons which are easier to stack.


Ø  3000 years ago the life expectancy was 30 years. Alexander the Great had conquered most of the known world by age 25.


Ø  The heart beats over 100,000 times a day.


Ø  Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, was afraid of the dark.



Would you believe?


                                   Strange but true…


Ø  A British man recently awoke from a triple bypass heart operation to find that, despite his best efforts to stagger their visits, all three of his wives had turned up together. He was later charged with bigamy.


Ø  A Portland State University student designed the Nike “swoosh” and received the princely sum of $35 for his effort.


Ø  The GPS (Global Position Satellite) navigation system was originally designed by security experts for killing people.


Ø  Tablecloths were first designed to be used as towels so diners could wipe their hands and faces after eating.


Ø  The very first product to appear with a bar code was Wrigley’s chewing gum.


Ø  Sonya Thomas (who weighs 45 kg) earned $65,000 in 2005 on the Competitive Eating Circuit. Her feats include eating 44 lobsters in 12 minutes; 65 hard boiled eggs in 6.6 minutes, and 167 chicken wings in 32 minutes. 


Ø  Fingernails grow almost 4 times faster than toenails.


Ø  In California six different driving licenses have been issued to people with the name “Jesus Christ”.


Ø  A stewardess survived a 33,000 ft fall from a Yugoslav DC-9 jet that exploded in 1972.


Ø  Singer George Michael’s real name is Georgios Panayiotou.




Would you believe?


                        Strange but true…



Ø  British firemen have blamed an amateur psychic for starting a fire that destroyed three apartments and damaged several others. They claim the crystal ball he left on a windowsill concentrated the sun’s rays and ignited a pile of washing.


Ø  Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny  iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a tatol mses and you can sitll raed it wouhit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef but the wrod as a wlohe.


Ø  “Mama Cass” Elliot of “The Mamas and Papas” choked to death on a sandwich in a London apartment in 1974.


Ø  Four years later, Keith Moon, drummer for pop group “The Who”, died of a drug overdose in the very same apartment, which was owned by singer Harry Nilsson.    


Ø  A kiss can cause a massive transfer of over 500 types of bacteria.


Ø  When 3 out of 24 mice infected with Bubonic Plague (which killed millions in the Middle Ages) disappeared from a New Jersey research lab into bio-terrorism, the FBI was called in. Their investigation concluded the mice were most likely eaten by the other mice.


Ø  One widow of a September 11 (World Trade Center) victim received over $US 5 million in compensation and donations. In 4 years this self confessed “shopaholic” blew almost the entire amount, including $500,000 spent on shoes.


Ø  Researchers believe that redheads cope better with pain than blondes or brunettes, thanks to a protein producing gene.




Would you believe?


                       Strange but true…



Ø  A London art gallery featured “Ape Artists of the 1950’s”. The paintings, described as “abstract expressionism”, were by Congo and Betsy (chimpanzees), Sophie the gorilla, and Alexander the orang-utan. A collector paid $US25,000 for one of Congo’s works. Pablo Picasso also owned one.


Ø  The Guardian (UK) newspaper reported that a Chinese cosmetics company is believed to be using the skin from executed prisoners to develop collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments.


Ø  1 in 25 fathers may be unknowingly raising a child that is not biologically theirs (Journal Epidemiology & Community Health).


Ø  German Lufthansa Airlines has deleted rows 13 and 17 to allay the fears of superstitious passengers.


Ø  A 28 year old South Korean man died of heart failure minutes after completing a marathon 50 hours at an internet café playing online battle simulation games.


Ø  In his wild youth actor Dennis Hopper was drinking up to 38 beers a day and consuming 3 grams of cocaine.


Ø  A 10 year old girl from Cameroon (Africa) has given birth to a baby in Switzerland. Police plan to charge the 68 year old lover of the girl’s mother with having sexual relations with a minor, although DNA tests show he isn’t the newborn baby’s father.


Ø  In 2004 China carried out almost 90% of the world’s executions putting more than 5,000 people to death for crimes ranging from murder and rape to tax fraud and theft.


Ø  Over 10,000 birds die every year from smashing into windows.




Would you believe?


                        Strange but true…




Ø  The Porsche Spyder in which actor James Dean died was nicknamed “The Little Bastard” by his friends. Stories subsequently spread that it was cursed following a string of mysterious accidents relating to the wrecked car or spare parts salvaged from it. Three people were killed in car accidents, several mechanics were seriously injured or killed working on vehicles, and a police warehouse storing the wreck burnt down.


Ø  Ralph Lauren (fashion designer) changed his name from Ralph Lifshitz.


Ø  The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. The fashion at the time of the Renaissance was to shave them away.


Ø  The human body creates and destroys 15 million red blood cells every second.


Ø  It takes 58,000 gallons of fuel to fill a Boeing 747.


Ø  The United States accounts for 25 per cent of the world’s prison population while having only 5 per cent of the world’s overall population.


Ø  There are 40,000 cab drivers in New York.


Ø  1 in 5 people on this planet (1.2 billion) survive on less than $1 dollar per day.


Ø  There are 200 million insects for every person on Earth.


Ø  A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time and denotes 1/100th of a second.

Ø A dentist invented the first electric chair.


Ø  The hottest temperature ever recorded…58 degrees C (136 degrees F) in Libya, North Africa.




Would you believe?


                       Strange but true…



Ø  Researchers in Italy have discovered that lovers in the early stages of romance produce “love chemicals” that make them irresistible to each other. However, these hormones diminish after 12 months to be replaced by “cuddle hormones” which help couples survive the loss of that first hot spark.


Ø  The last telegram was sent on January 27, 2006 ending an era lasting 161 years. The official announcement was made over the Internet.


Ø  The coldest temperature ever recorded was -89 degrees C (-129 degrees F) at Antarctica.


Ø  A British women’s clothing retailer is launching the Tan-Timer Bikini which bleeps every 15 minutes to prevent sunbathers from falling asleep and getting sunburnt.


Ø  Tom Cruise’s real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.


Ø  Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Records “the tallest wave ever to hit the shore was a monster of 1,720 ft (524 m) that battered Lituya Bay, Alaska, in July 1958.


Ø  Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s lucky number was 5. She launched Chanel No. 5 in 1921 on the 5th of May.


Ø  Four people were dragged from a car in Sydney, Australia after what was believed to be a bungled “laughing gas” experiment went wrong (a cylinder of nitrous oxide was found in the trunk)… two died.


Ø  Neuroscientists claim they can now use MRI scans and brain imaging techniques to detect if a person is lying.



Would you believe?


                        Strange but true…


Ø  Researchers have confirmed that men are dirtier than women by surveillance of public restrooms. It was observed that 90% of women washed their hands before leaving compared to only 75% of men… good reason for “infection freaks” to use a paper towel to open the bathroom door.


Ø  A manufacturer claims to have invented underpants that can be worn for days without becoming smelly. Outdoor clothing specialist The North Face has designed wash-free underwear that contains tiny fragments of silver woven into the fabric to counteract bacteria & fungus.


Ø  A Norwegian bar tender was jailed for 6 months for serving a customer 19 shots of Tequila in 90 minutes resulting in his patron falling into a coma and dying. The bartender had contributed to the mishap by tricking the customer into a drinking contest but drank only shots of water himself.


Ø  Sonya Thomas, 37, & weighing 48 kg, beat 7 men to win the World Turkey Eating Title by swallowing a whole roast 4.5 kg turkey in 12 minutes. She said she trained by chewing gum to strengthen her jaw and won by “swallowing fast”.


Ø  A London council worker stole almost $1 million by dipping into takings from parking meters over a 10 year period. She spent it all on her obsession for Elvis Presley memorabilia. 


Ø  Some Australian teachers have been blasted over their “shocking” spelling and grammar. Examples of their blackboard bloopers include… “would of” was corrected to “would off” (instead of “would have”)… failure to correct “lor” (law), “por” (paw), “orght” (ought),and “I would like to read a story I writ”.




Would you believe?


                        Strange but true…


Ø A recent report stated that 9 out of 10 bars and cafes in Sicily, Italy, pay protection money to the Mafia…it would appear that the price for not paying may be too high.


Ø  Hungarian builders found a huge barrel of rum in an old house they were restoring. They steadily drank their way to the bottom of the barrel as they did their renovation…only to discover a pickled corpse at the bottom. Apparently the dead man’s body had been shipped there from Jamaica 20 years earlier (to avoid the paperwork and costs involved of doing it legally).


Ø Eating sausages was banned back in the 4th century (even though it was considered O.K. to work out in the nude). The ban was imposed by the Catholic Church because it considered eating sausages might make people lustful and trigger immoral behaviour due to their phallic shape.


Ø In Canada, Toronto, police discovered 8 all white, male bodies in four vehicles in a wooded field. All were members of the Bandido’s bikie gang. The area is also home to the Loners and Hell’s Angels Bikie clubs. Other incidents of dumped bodies also occurred in 1994 and 1998…neither of these crimes has yet been solved.


Ø An elite squad of scientists has been brought together in London, England, to help fight international terrorism…a real life version of James Bond’s Q Branch. The 15 experts will focus on bomb detection and defusing, and information gathering.


Ø  A British institute of neurological studies has found that “thrill-seekers” have more friends than cautious, conservative types. People are more attracted to those who like to “live dangerously” and give life a shake. It also found that optimistic Aids sufferers lived 9 months longer on average than who meekly accepted their fate. 



Would you believe?


                       Strange but true…


Ø  The average office or school desk harbours 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Key boards & telephones are amongst the most germ-laden places in the home or office, and teachers are amongst those most highly exposed to viruses & bacteria.


Ø  Japanese company Hitachi has developed a biometric scanner for ATM (cash) machines. The electronic device uses an infra-red light on finger-tips to scan veins below the skin’s surface & won’t be affected by damage to the skin. Customers will be able to choose a “duress digit” to alert bank staff if a withdrawal is being made against their will.


Ø  American companies are working with the Pentagon to develop weapons that may eventually attack targets all on their own. Automated Target Recognition software will allow airborne or ground “war robots” to decide to fire guns or missiles at targets that are “a good fit”. One team is developing robots for the U.S. army that will automatically return fire at an enemy. Sensors will enable the robots to strike back within a metre of the original gunshot.


Ø  Residents of an affluent community (Long Island Sound) one hour outside Manhattan U.S.A. were shocked to discover their parish priest had succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh. Parishioners (who were known to drop cheques of $10,000 and more into the collection plate) were informed by police that the parish priest had bought a $600,000 condominium in Florida with swindled donations, as well as a small apartment in Manhattan. The “robber Rev” (The New York Post) had also used a credit card to buy nearly $300,000 of personal expenses including Cartier jewellery, airline tickets, fine dining, and a Caribbean cruise for himself & his gay lover.


Ø  Scientists believe they may soon be able to render objects invisible. “Metamaterials” may deflect light, infrared & mirowaves so they end up behind the object, appearing to have travelled in a straight line thus giving the optical illusion of invisibility.



Would you believe?


                       Strange but true…


Ø  A U.S. company is developing a “smart” hand gun that can only be fired by the owner. Pressure sensors in the gun handle recognise a person’s unique grip.


Ø  Prosopagnosia (derived from Greek words agnosia for ignorance and prosopon for face) is a condition where sufferers can’t recognize people’s faces. Researchers think it is inherited and afflicts up to 1 in 50 people. One sufferer was quoted as saying she had to make a funny face when looking in a mirror in a crowded room in order to recognize her own face.


Ø  An American ice cream parlour has come up with a new flavour containing a mixture of peppers and spicy sauces that are so hot customers have to sign a waiver before trying it. Pregnant women are advised to avoid the ice cream altogether… (Why bother?)


Ø  Ice cream franchise Haagen-Dazs has supplied the Austrian postal service with a series of ice cream flavoured stamps. When customers lick the backs of the stamps they experience flavours like Strawberry Cheesecake, Macadamia Nut Brittle and Cookies & Cream.


Ø  World eating champion Takeru “Tsunami” Kobayashi recently retained his title by gulping down a record 53 and ¾ hot dogs in 12 minutes. He just beat his previous record of 53 and ½ hot dogs.


Ø  Two men in Berlin, Germany were arrested for causing serious bodily harm and obstructing traffic. Their stunt was to leave soccer balls on which was written “Can you kick it?” lying in public spaces. The soccer balls had been filled with cement.


Ø  The Chinese government is so desperate for water in some parched regions it has employed 37,000 peasants, some of whom are blasting clouds with rockets & 37mm anti-aircraft guns with shells containing silver iodide. The Chinese are also hopeful of ensuring the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is rain free.



Would you believe?


                       Strange but true…


Ø  Researchers are developing metals that can “self-repair” cracks caused by metal fatigue. These “self-healing” metals are an alloy of elements such as magnesium, zinc, silver & copper. When a tiny crack develops these elements come out of solution and move to the site to fill in & repair the crack.


Ø  One lucky Australian man took possession of a Mercedes Benz “Maybach 62” two years ago after paying A$1,280,000. Unfortunately he died after only clocking up 90 kilometres on the vehicle. The car is now up for sale with an asking price of A$695,000 (a loss of nearly $600K or 46%). Now that’s depreciation!


Ø  Scientists have developed a new super “rubber” called Resilin (from the word “resilience”). Whereas the most elastic rubber superball to date only returns to 80% of its original height when dropped, Resilin returns to 99%. This new rubber was developed by using a gene found in insects which have elastic material on their feet & wings to help them jump & fly.


Ø  A British children’s museum was staging a $900,000 exhibition of teddy bears including a $75,000 bear that once belonged to Elvis Presley (and was on loan from a British aristocrat). Part of the museum’s security was to have a guard dog locked in with the bears at night. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the dog went on a rampage one evening and ripped apart hundreds of teddy bears including the Elvis teddy bear.


Ø  When communicating, the words we speak are believed to account for only 7% of the impression we make, whereas our voice tone accounts for around 38%, and our body language for the major part of 55%.


Ø  A U.S. woman suffered burns to her bottom after paramedics had to use fingernail polish to unstick her backside from a toilet seat in a shopping mall. A prankster had covered the toilet seat with some kind of superglue. Police were treating the case as an assault and vandalism.


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